Earliest signs of spring

I know it’s still cold and grey outside, and not very inviting at all – unless you’re a Newfie of course, in which case you positively ADORE the cold weather and can’t wait to take your human on a long walk through the lanes and fields near your home.  Daisy and I are gradually increasing the length of our expeditions now Ben is no longer with us (he couldn’t walk very far during his last few months) and so today we set off on a circular walk around the village that we hadn’t attempted for quite some time.  Everywhere seemed grey and dreary until – much to her surprise – I dropped Daisy’s lead in order to dig my phone out of my pocket and take a picture of a cluster of snowdrops growing in the shelter of an old stone wall – a very early sign of spring up here on the Mendip Hills …..

She is so silly though – she walked on for several yards before realising her human was no longer on the other end of the lead!

I have snowdrops in my garden too, and the daffodils are beginning to poke their sharp pointy leaves through the cold soil – though it will be many weeks yet before they flower.  It’s at this time of year I love indoor bulbs, planting them in all kinds of containers to bring a little early spring into my home.  Last year it was vintage glass jelly moulds and this year I found some lovely old cake tins that are absolutely perfect (in my opinion anyway!) …..

There are hyacinths in the February edition of the Bustle & Sew Magazine too.  There was a little brightness here around lunchtime and so I was able to take photos of all the completed projects.  So far I’ve finished four of them …..

As well as the hyacinths there’s my “Hello Zebra!” Hoop (I showed you the reverse last week) and my finished succulents wreath.  I will of course be including a full alphabet as part of the pattern.  There’s also my “Happy Cat” – a simple felt softie that I’m sure Freddie will be happy to rehome for me!

And finally, I have had quite a few emails from people who missed out on our Big Back Issue sale (all magazine back issues for just $1 each!) at the beginning of this month.  As you may (or may not) know, we only do this once a year so that’s it until 2019.  However, Rosie has been busy putting together the 2017 bundle – that’s all 12 issues from last year – and now we’re offering it at a 20% discount – for one week only.  There are even bigger savings when you purchase both the 2016 and 2017 bundles – just pop over to the Bustle & Sew store to find out more!


Helen, I have not received the December magazine. I recently had to replace the hard drive on my computer. I don’t know if that is the cause, or I am a sloppy email reader. So sorry to hear about Ben. I felt as if I knew him personally, even thought I live “across the pond.” Best wishes to you and your family.


lovely photos.Oh Daisy you are so adorable and funny bless you.There’s something about Snowdrops that I just love,they are so dainty and elegant,just feel like you want to paint them or create something with a snowdrop in it.Love that happy cat.x


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