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Before I tell you the exciting news – I would just like to thank everyone who told me their own shaggy dog stories – it appears that Ben is not alone in behaving badly when he thinks he’s being ignored!  I would also like to mention that he had in fact been for a very nice walk earlier in the day – had been given a lovely chew that morning and, as always, had received lots of fuss and petting. So there was absolutely no justification for his behaviour!! But yes, I do still love him and he was forgiven very quickly (though I still haven’t found that pompom!).

Moving swiftly on … I am so enjoying completing the final bits of hand quilting on my Rosie & Bear calendar quilt – as I stitch I am imagining the little fingers of grandchildren and great-grandchildren yet to be tugging the quilt around them and enjoying the different pictures. Commemorative quilts are also tradtional heirloom pieces – and so I am creating a new set of quilt blocks in honour of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.  

This year Queen Elizabeth II has reigned for an amazing 60 years – longer than I’ve been alive! And what a changing world she has seen since ascending to the throne in 1952. But one tradition that hasn’t changed is that of making commemorative quilts – and I thought a Rosie & Bear quilt would be a wonderful way of celebrating this special year. The quilt will be made up of 12 blocks – the two centre blocks will show Rosie & Bear with the Royal Arms (that’s the image above) and details of the Queen’s titles and dates. The remaining 10 blocks will each depict a Commonwealth Country, with a special bonus design depicting the USA – to reflect the special relationship that has flourished between Britain and the US during the Queen’s reign.
Here are quick photos of the first two Commonwealth country blocks – India and Mozambique. You can purchase the Coat of Arms block in my Etsy shop, but the other blocks will not be available to purchase separately. I am issuing them as a special free partwork supplement to the Bustle & Sew Magazine for magazine subscribers only. The March Issue (out on 23 February) will contain the first three blocks and with a further two blocks issued each month until August when the final block, together with instructions for creating your heirloom quilt – a family piece to treasure forever.
But remember, I am only offering these blocks as a free supplement for magazine subscribers at present – they won’t be available anywhere else. Magazine subscribers receive at least 3 original Bustle & Sew designs plus vintage patterns, features and articles in each issue, and now will also receive their free Diamond Jubilee Quilt Blocks – all for just $5.50 per month with no minimum subscription period.  To learn more CLICK HERE, and you can subscribe using the button at the top of the right hand sidebar.


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