February Magazine: Signs of Spring

I heard in the news the other day that here in England we have had the mildest winter on record. I may have misunderstood – but I think the presenter said that temperatures have been generally 14 degrees above average!  Wow!!  It’s true that we have had no more than a couple of frosts down here in South Devon, and in my garden there are grape hyacinths – the tiny little ones with such an intense blue colour, the camellia is bursting its buds and even very early primroses – unheard of in January.  All this after the coldest winter on record last year. It is no wonder that we English people are so obsessed by the weather!
And the weather, as well as the changing seasons around me strongly influences the colours and fabrics I choose to work with – and so this month’s Bustle & Sew Magazine is full of early signs of spring.  That’s the cover above with Albert the Bunny (thinking ahead to Easter) and one of the little Lovely Mice next to him…
.. and here are the Two Lovely Mice.  There’s also a double helping of Rosie and Bear  in the magazine …
February, and …
March.  Plus some vintage transfers….
articles on using colour (an extract from my soon to be released free mini-book),  the Japanese embroidery style of Sashiko and vintage transfers from my collection, all for just $5.50 for subscribers.  And if you subscribe between now and publication day on Thursday you’ll receive the current January magazine straight away, followed very quickly by the new February Issue on Thursday!  
Oh .. and I forgot to mention – the “Stitch” sewing machine cover at the top of this post is also in February’s magazine.  I have been busy this month!  If you’d like to subscribe then you can do so using the button in the right-hand sidebar – there’s no minimum subscription period to worry about either, just enjoy as many issues as you choose – it’s entirely up to you.  
Back soon with exciting news and a giveaway for you.


I like the sewing machine cover – I'm going to have to make one of those!
Julie xxxxxxxxxx


Oh I just LOVE the sewing machine cover Helen – well, all of it really and can't wait for my magazine to arrive!


February's magazine promises to be a fun-filled issue! I love everything in the preview, Helen! Can't wait!
X Linda


Me too, the sewing machine cover goes straight onto my list of things to make. We've had daffodils since before Christmas – can you imagine, fresh daffy in the house on Christmas Day!


The weather we are having is amazing, my garden is so confused, I still have marigolds flowering from the summer and rodedendrums in full bloom.

Your posts are always inspirational.

A big hug to Ben.


Lovely things to look forward to. I don't have a garden but I have bought Tulips and Daffodils so it's Spring in the House! Tina x


D o you have a free pattern for the stitch sewing machine cover please? I live in Canada and not familiar with the magazine. Thank you for your time and info.


Hi Susie – it’s available for newsletter readers – when you join you’ll receive a download link. Helen x


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