Fabric and Ink and a well-travelled pin cushion

I love to browse around Etsy and Instagram and Pinterest …..!!  admiring all the wonderful creativity on display and also  on Etsy (sadly for my bank balance) available to purchase.  Sadly, due to customs and postage charges, it’s not often I purchase from outside the EU, I have to have spotted something really special that I simply can’t resist.  And in Angele’s lovely store, Fabric and Ink, I discovered her beautiful pin cushions …. and treated myself immediately!  This was on 22 April.  Angele sent my pin cushion tracked and we were both dismayed to discover that after reaching London it disappeared from view – never to be found again!


So how, you may be wondering, am I able to post a picture now?  That is because, not only does Angele create the most beautiful items, her customer service is second-to-none!  She immediately sent me a replacement free of charge, and again tracked it right to my door, where it finally appeared at the end of last week.  After six and a half weeks I was finally in posession of my pink pin cushion!


It’s now sitting amongst my vintage project tins and looks amazing.  I wanted to thank Angele for taking so much time and trouble to ensure my purchase reached me.  And …  the icing on the cake is that she will be featuring in the July issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine where we’ll be able to learn more about Fabric and Ink and see more of her beautiful work.




It’s a lovely pin cushion and sits in perfect harmony amongst your charming tins!
I have to say that Bustle and Sew is equally second to none in customer service, and I have personal experience regarding that!
XX Linda


Ohh it’s so pretty and cute! And from my home state, about 6 hours away! Beautiful area.

Glenna Denman

What a charming pin cushion! I love that you have it among your equally charming vintage tins. I have a few tins myself, but yours are far superior to most I see in my area.


It is lovely isn’t it Glenna – Angele’s work is beautiful. I think I just got lucky with the tins, they are perfect for storing different flosses for my projects, and quick to scoop up and take if I’m on the move x


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