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When you’re marooned in a sea of bubble wrap, with only small packing box islands peeping up from the muddle all around, it’s good to know that the next issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine is all uploaded and ready for publishing next week.  If you’d like an early peep betwen the covers, then please do click on the preview below …

One of this month’s patterns has to be an all-time favourite of mine – the White Rabbit Hoop celebrating 150 years of Alice in Wonderland.  Mine now hangs on my bedroom wall, but if you can’t wait to stitch your own, then we have a wonderful free printable for you, created by my friend Jacqui of Flapdoodledesigns ….


Just click on the image above for a large printable version.  The June magazine is published on Thursday 28th May so watch out for it then!


Helen, make sure you keep emergency stitching supplies at the ready during the pack house/move house/unpack and arrange new house episode. It will help you keep your sanity! Undies and other things can be purchased. But, well loved and familiar sewing tools coupled with favorite fabric and threads, they are the lifeline in stressful times.

May a herd of moving angels keep watch over you and yours as you start anew.


Linda in Maine

Thank you both for the free printable. It’s a wonderful design in watercolor as well as floss and will be much loved in my home as is Alice and the White Rabbit. The June issue is much anticipated…especially after the lovely preview! How do you manage it all!?
XXX Linda


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