Guest Contributor: Aiku Maku

Recently we’ve begun to feature some really lovely guest contributors in the Bustle & Sew Magazine and this month we were delighted to be able to include a pattern from the very talented Aida of Aika Maku ….


Her Barcelona bag – named for her native city  – and just in time to stitch and take along on holiday – it’s perfect for holding all those bits and pieces it’s seemingly impossible to travel without.  It looks great in lots of different fabric combinations …


And would also make a really useful back to school or college bag for when term begins again in September.  The long holidays have begun now – I remember as a youngster those six weeks seemed to stretch forever, but now they’re gone in a flash!  We asked Aida how she chose her unusual business name and she told us “In Catalan “AikaMaku” sounds like “ai que maco”, which means “how pretty!”. Later I found that in Finnish “aika maku” means “time to enjoy”, and that is exactly how I feel when I sew!”

Thanks so much Aida for contributing to this month’s magazine.  You can find lots more loveliness over on the AikaMaku blog – please do pop over and take a look!

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