Happy New Year!

And just like that it’s 2023! A whole new year which I hope will bring peace, happiness and prosperity to everyone reading this and even across the planet itself, a distant hope though this may seem at present.  And, as well as this rather large wish, I have a somewhat smaller one, which is that I hope everyone who would like to take advantage of our Big Back Issue sale will do so within the next few hours…..

I know that incomes are being squeezed at present here in the UK as the cost of living crisis begins to bite, and I wish I could give back issues away for free.  The sad truth is that I simply can’t afford to do that – but what I can do is price them at a level that I hope is affordable for all, whether here in the UK or elsewhere across the globe. This really is a once-a-year opportunity however – one that will only last until the end of today.
If you would like to take advantage of this offer, then please do  CLICK HERE or on the image above to visit the website and stock up.
Please be aware that this sale is taking place here on the Bustle & Sew website only and there is less than 24 hours left before your window of opportunity closes for another year. So don’t delay and miss out!
Very best wishes for a happy, peaceful and prosperous New Year 2023


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