Heading towards December

I can hardly believe that we’re coming towards the end of another month – where has November gone? And how can it be Christmas in less than a month’s time?  I was checking my diary earlier today and already I seem to have not one, but two Christmas Markets, a Reindeer Parade, Christmas Star Trail, Wreath Making Workshop and our Village Carol Service entered on its pages!  I’ve been busy filling the pockets of my little grandson Freddie’s first ever Advent Calendar (a Bustle & Sew design of course!)

Though I’m not entirely certain he’s going to understand the concept of just one pocket each day (after all he isn’t quite two years old yet) – but I think I’ll leave that to his Mum and Dad to explain!

I’ve also been busy putting the finishing touches to the December Magazine that’s published on Thursday – it has a definite festive flavour  – quite literally in the Rosie’s Recipes section as she shares some of our traditional family recipes including her Nanna’s super-easy bread sauce.  I had never tasted bread sauce until I visited my future mother-in-law (who was an amazing cook).  But for the last thirty years it’s been an absolute must and if you’ve ever thought making bread sauce sounds a bit of a faff – all that infusing, then think again, this version can be on the table in less than 10 minutes!  But I digress … back to the point which is to include a preview of the contents – please just click on the image below for a peep between the pages ….

Magazine subscribers will find it in their inboxes early Thursday morning – if you’re not a subscriber and would like to learn more (including how you can receive your first two issues for just $1 – that’s around 75p) please just CLICK HERE to visit our store.


Love the Advent Calendar. I remember little ones and advents calendars. I made an advent calendar once and in the end when mine were little I put one gift in on the appropriate day. that worked while they were quite little

Julie xxxxxx


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