High Summer and Unicorns

It’s high summer now, and even though the weather lately has been, to put it mildly, a little mixed, my greenhouse is at its most productive.  I have far too many tomatoes for one person to consume and so must turn to my mum and grandma’s recipes for soups and chutneys, and may try “sun dried” tomatoes as well – though these will need to be made in a low oven of course….

I have cucumbers too, again more than I could possibly use, but luckily these are a particular favourite of both Rosie and Freddie, and they are more than happy to relieve me of any surplus.  The garden is beginning to look a little past its midsummer best as the foxgloves, alliums, honeysuckle and roses are past, but I do still have sunflowers, agapanthus and a beautiful tall bronze fennel whose feathery fronds look wonderful at the back of my border and are great to bring indoors as well ….

The mornings are quieter here in the village now, as the school is closed for the long summer holidays and I miss the excited happy chatter of the children as they pass by my windows on their way down the hill towards their playground. But the summer break, which seemed so long in my own childhood simply flies past these days and then it will be September, autumn and time to look forward to Christmas.  I’ve been working on the first of this year’s Christmas designs already for the September Bustle & Sew Magazine ….

The little Christmas Bear is finished, and there’s a new Advent Calendar underway too – my first for some years.  But still, there’s plenty of summer yet to come and so I thought it would be nice to see out the season with a new offer for Magazine Annual Subscriptions.  Unicorns and summer seem to go together (and so do floral patterned elephants haha!) so for the rest of the month we’re offering a choice of kit when you take out an annual subscription to the magazine …..

The choice of either a Unicorn or Flora the Elephant  kit as our gift to you – and we’ll post anywhere in the world at no additional cost.  To learn more please just CLICK HERE to visit our magazine page – and you’ll find the annual subscription offer at the bottom.


Your garden sounds lovely, must come and see one day. Those tomatoes look yummy. my sons use eat little tomatoes like sweeties!

Julie xxxxx


Hi Julie – they look good, but the flavour isn’t as intense as usual – I think we could really do with more sun. Hopefully summer will return before September! xx


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