In the Garden, Christmas is Coming(!) and the August Magazine

The last week has seemed very strange indeed as we’re all missing Daisy’s large furry presence.  So, to help take our minds off her absence, the dogs and I have been very busy indeed in the kitchen garden.

The nasturtiums I planted last year to help ward against blackfly on my carrots appear to have seeded themselves everywhere – in the first picture you can see them all along with peas and (in the corner) perpetual spinach.  Luckily, upon research, I was able to discover that all parts of this cheerful plant are edible.  The flowers taste sweet and the leaves and seeds have a peppery, spicy taste.  The flowers are also great as a garnish on salads and so I picked a few along with some purple podded peas and spinach to enjoy for lunch the other day.

My kitchen garden has also inspired one of the projects in this month’s magazine – a set of four embroidered napkins to compliment the Feathered Friend napkins from the April issue….

The July edition was all about the seaside and all things coastal.  If the August Magazine (out on Thursday) can be said to have any kind of theme, then I would say it’s all about hand-stitching as at this time of year I always think it’s great to have projects you can take out and about with you, into the garden and away on holiday perhaps….

I particularly enjoyed stitching the Peekaboo Hoop from the August Magazine, combining hand stitching with a full Liberty print skirt and tulle petticoats……

And the July and August editions contain the first two of this year’s Christmas patterns (one in each magazine).  I think the Carol Singing Bobbin Mice are one of my all time favourite makes and they will definitely be making an appearance on my mantlepiece this Christmas!

I had meant to put the new Christmas Collection together by the end of the month, but I don’t think this will happen now, everything was thrown into disarray by Daisy’s final illness and eventual passing away, and I am all behind.  But I promise it will be coming very soon indeed.

Meanwhile, the August Magazine will be published this week, including all the patterns on the cover and much more besides.  If you’re already a subscriber it will be arriving in your inbox on Thursday.  If you’re not a subscriber and would like to learn more then please do visit our magazine page.

And remember, now is the very best time to subscribe as you’ll receive your first two issues for the price of one.  The July edition will arrive in your inbox straight away, closely followed by the August magazine on Thursday.

That’s 12 Bustle & Sew patterns plus lots of additional content – recipes, countryside tales, gardening tips, stitcher’s alphabet, poetry corner and more besides for just $5.50!  And if you decide you don’t like it, then there’s no tie-in, no obligation to continue beyond your first issues – all you need to do is drop me an email and let me know you’d like to unsubscribe.  (though obviously I do hope you enjoy it and decide to stay!)

To learn more about subscribing please CLICK HERE and to purchase back issues (including the July coastal-themed edition) please CLICK HERE.


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