It’s cold and grey and muddy – so I’m thinking pink!!

It’s such a dreary day outside today.  It’s cold and grey and muddy … a fine rain has been falling the whole day long and the hilltops are shrouded in mist.  Even the newfies were happy to come indoors after their walk and they’re both now curled up nice and snug on their beds.  It’s the kind of day when I have to remind myself that yes, the nights are shortening, there are snowdrops in the hedgerows and spring will soon be here – the kind of day for thinking pink!  So I treated myself to a beautiful bunch of (mainly) pink flowers from the Farm Shop …

Perfect for my Emma Bridgewater vase.  And I finished the last bunny for my “Making Money Making” series starting in the February issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine ….

Rosie is trying to snaffle the set of three bunnies for her Easter decorations.  But she’s definitely not having my lovely bunny cushion made from the same template – he looks perfectly at home in my hallway ….

Lots of cheerful pinkness!!  And I also decided upon a lovely pink background for the cover of the February issue …..

It may be grey outside, but spring is definitely on the way indoors!  The February issue is published on Thursday 30th January – CLICK HERE to learn more.  



Oh I cannot wait for the next issue! I am definitely going to make those sweet little birdies! Thank goodness you come up with all these lovely ideas as a remedy for our own grey and drizzly days!



With all the fun springtime projects showcased on the cover, the February e-zine is much anticipated! All my favorite little creatures!
XXX Linda

Margaret Glazier

I love seeing the snowdrops after they push their way through the ground followed by daffodils etc.


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