It’s nearly here!

Yes, tomorrow is PUBLICATION DAY!!  The September issue is all uploaded and ready to be sent out to subscribers tomorrow – and if you can’t wait, here’s a quick peek between the covers …..


There’s lots inside, including possibly my most favourite pattern EVER – my little polar bear nursery rug.  He’s sitting on the armchair in my living room at the moment, keeping a very careful eye on the newfies!  I’ve been asked about fox and grey bear nursery rug patterns too, so keep an eye out as I’m hoping to create these over the next few weeks/months.

If you’re not already a subscriber and would like to find out more about the Bustle & Sew Magazine, then please do click here to visit the magazine page on this website. Meanwhile, as I’ve just discovered it’s National Dog Day, here’s one of my favourite photos of the terrible twosome ……

photo (13)

On the beach at Lannacombe in  February 2013 – a VERY young Miss Daisy with her new Big Brother Ben!  Awww. …..


I just love the picture of Ben and Baby Daisy..soo sweet. I can’t wait to get the ezine so I can see your bear pattern!!


Thanks Julie. She doesn’t look up to him in quite the same way now – she’s much more likely to tease him unmercifully, then bowl him over with an erratically aimed charge past! xx


Thanks Sherry – these days she’s much more likely to bowl Ben over with a slightly mis-directed charge (her vision is a bit wonky we’ve discovered), but she still loves her Big Brother very much indeed xx


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