Longer days and the April Magazine

At last the rain has stopped and though the brisk north-westerly wind is bracing to say the least, the sun is shining, the sky is blue and everywhere there is fresh new growth, green leaves on the hawthorn and daffodils on the banks. Our magnolia tree is looking rather splendid, and we’re really hoping there won’t be any late frosts to scorch its beautiful blossoms, turning creamy-pink waxy petals to crumpled brown rags.

The older chickens are laying well now, three or four eggs daily, though the young ones – Betty Blue and Flora – have yet to give us any eggs. I have reminded them that this is expected in return for all the delicious treats they receive, but I don’t think that they’re listening!

Of course earlier this week brought the spring equinox and now the days are longer than the nights, and will be for the next six months. This shift towards spring, blossom, and sunnier times to come is reflected in the April Magazine….

You might notice the little vintage teddy bear in the top right hand image, next to the tulip cushion. She is my own little childhood friend, which makes heraround 60 years old(!) and her name is Sunshine, so called because of her sunshine-yellow fur. She used to squeak when you pressed her tummy but sadly her squeak stopped working years ago. She is still much loved though and I thought she would make the perfect model for a very sunshine-y edition of the magazine.

As well as all the regular features – recipes, monthly almanac, poetry corner and nature notes, this month I really enjoyed researching an article on another female artist of the past, Mary Linwood. She was commercially savvy and a great self-publicist, earning the equivalent of millions today though her superb thread-painting artworks. Catherine the Great of Russia once offered to purchase her whole collection, whilst she was a favourite of the British King George III and Queen Caroline.

Above is a detail from her self-portrait, worked in wools and silks. If you’d like to learn more, and enjoy all the other patterns, recipes and articles in the April Magazine, then it is published this Thursday 28 March.  If you’re a subscriber the April Magazine will be delivered direct to your inbox on Thursday. If you’re not a subscriber and have been thinking of trying a subscription to the Bustle & Sew Magazine, now is the very best time to give it a go.

This is because for the next 72 hours only when you subscribe you will receive your first TWO issues for the price of one.

That’s just $5.50 (£4.50 approx) for TWELVE Bustle & Sew Patterns, plus recipes, articles and features too. 

There’s no advertising whatsover, just lots of lovely pages of content celebrating life here in the English countryside – with sewing very much at its heart of course.
You will receive the March edition immediately when you subscribe and the April Magazine when it’s published on Thursday – that’s the two full magazines shown below for the price of a single magazine, just $5.50.
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I wanted to thank-you for extra booklet sent recently. I made the chocolate flapjack recipe and the florentines recipe. Both were good but the florentines were wonderful! I had never made florentines before and they were so easy and the amounts given were spot on. They got rave reviews from all who tried them.


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