Looking Blooming Lovely …..

It’s been a very exciting week here at Coombe Leigh as my friend Jacqui (of Flapdoodledesigns) has been here in the mornings working on her mural.  I commissioned this artwork in honour of a very special summer, and asked her to include family members, as well as commemorate Rosie & Dan’s wedding next month.  It’s not finished yet, but is already looking lovely …..

It’s about 5′ wide, spanning the width of the Aga recess and Jacqui’s working in watercolours.  We weren’t sure how successful this would be, but Jacqui tells me it’s actually really easy to paint onto the matt emulsion. I guess that as it’s a water-based paint it’s slightly absorbent and in many ways acts rather like watercolour paper.  There are still quite a few gaps, but it’s beginning to take shape, though the two most important family members (in their opinion anyway) are still just pencil outlines ….

As is the Bustle & Sew bunny ….

But our initials are complete, though Jacqui still has cornflowers and roses to add to her garland ….

Here’s Rosie & Dan – with a pink loveheart of course(!) and can you spot the little snail?  Here in the damp south-west of England we wage constant war on the pesky molluscs, so just had to include one of these beasties in the mural.  Here’s my initial too …

Loving that wonderful bright pink – very me!!

And finally, I am delighted to be able to tell you that (unusually!) this month I have been super-efficient and the June issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine is already available to purchase in paperback form on Amazon.

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OOOH! It is starting to look very nice above the Aga. Can’t wait to see it all finished – how special for the big day!


Your mural looks beautiful – I enjoy Jacqui’s work and style too. The flowers look amazing and the colour palette is gorgeous – how lovely to spot meaningful items among the flowers like Ben and Daisy and the Bustle and Sew Bunny. Can’t wait to see it when it’s finished. Your whole house must look amazing with all the latest projects like your glorious kitchen and fabulous staircase.
Pauline xxx


Hi Pauline, thanks for your lovely comment. I think that in fact PARTS of my house are beautiful – I’m very careful not to show you the pawprints and mud splashes! xx


Hi Helen, My sister came from Australia to stay and she introduced me to your lovely website, patterns and newsletters. I love the latest issue with the mouse wedding and I am going to start making the first mouse today. Best wishes to you and your family for your daughter’s wedding later in the month. I am sure that it will be a lovely day. Warmest regards,


Aw, thanks so much Noelene – and to your sister as well. I’d love to see your mice when they’re finished x


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