Meet the Maker: Campcape

In the November issue of Bustle & Sew Magazine we were delighted to feature an interview with Chelsea Bock from Campcape. Chelsea is a fiber artist based in Portland, Oregon. Self-taught in the craft of embroidery, she finds inspiration in nature and femininity to create handmade work. Her work strives for a natural and eclectic style, with a hint of color and vibrancy. In her free time, she can be found cycling, tinkering, reading, taking care of her plants, and working on other handmade projects.



We asked Chelsea how she got started, she told us;

“I’ve always been a very hands-on, do-it-yourself type so when I was searching for some embroidered clothing I figured I just try it out myself. When I began experimenting with different mediums – clothing, hoops, etc. – I realized it was a great way for me to decompress and chill out. So I began working on it more and more and just fell in love with the whole process. There’s something so amazing about the more traditional crafts where you get to really create with your hands. I just love that feeling.”



We also asked Chelsea if she had any advice for anyone wanting to start their own business…

“Have a rough game plan! It doesn’t need to be fancy and detailed – but just some idea or vision of what your business could be. Jot it down, sketch it out, then go for it. It’s a fun process and you’ll totally learn as you go!”

Be sure to check out Chelsea’s Etsy shop & Instagram feed – her creations are just beautiful!

Read the full interview in the November issue of Bustle & Sew Magazine

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