Meet the Maker 100th Issue Special: Dandelyne

Over the last 5 years we have been very lucky to feature some incredibly talented designer makers between our pages. In honour of our 100th issue some of our favourites have returned to share their advice for successfully running a small business…



Sonia Lyne is the designer and face behind Dandelyne™. The home of the original miniature embroidery hoop, Dandelyne™ is about small-scale embroidery projects that are satisfying, rewarding, soul boosting and frankly, just look cute on any outfit. Sonia’s business began in 2011 when she decided to embroider her own family’s portrait. She had learnt to embroider at the age of 7 but hadn’t done so since, the little flame that was ignited so many years ago suddenly became an enormous, crazy bushfire! As she stitched, Sonia found herself daydreaming not only about small and simple embroidery projects but also about small, teeny tiny embroidery hoops. There was nothing like that out there at the time so she designed her own and Dandelyne™ was born!

We asked Sonia if there was anything she wishes she had known when she first started her business. She told us;

“When I first began Dandelyne™ my vision of how my day would run was a lot different to reality. The reality was I spent a great deal more time on emails, logistics, chasing supplies, packing orders, rather than being creative and stitching. Over the years I was working in my business rather than working on it. There are so many aspects to running a business; book keeping, emails, creativity, photography, development, social media, supplies & sales. Over the years I managed it ALL. A one woman show.

My biggest lesson has been that just because I could do it doesn’t mean that I should. I now know it is important to outsource areas of your business that are not aligned with your WHY. If you can get help in areas such as book keeping, photography or orders then DO IT. It will not only save you time, allowing for more creativity it will also save your sanity.”

We also asked Sonia if she could share any advice for someone wanting to start their own business…

“My top tip is to know your WHY. My core reason for starting Dandelyne™ was and is about inspiring people to start stitching, in the hope that they can experience the same feeling I have every time I stitch… pure bliss. This is my reason why I do what I do. It is my WHY. I feel it is of number one importance to LOVE what you are doing and know exactly WHY you are doing it. Whenever times get hectic, too hard and simply overwhelming you always come back to your core reason and you pull through (include sleepless nights, some tears and maybe a tantrum or two but you definitely pull through).”

Be sure to pop over to Sonia’s website to see all her gorgeous products, you can also find her on Instagram.

Read the full interview with Sonia in the 100th issue of Bustle & Sew Magazine. Get your copy HERE!

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