Meet the Maker: Fluffmonger

In the March issue of Bustle & Sew magazine we were delighted to feature an interview with the lovely Jenny from Fluffmonger. Based in Greensboro, NC, Jenny has been blogging about making stuffed toys with organic materials  since 2015. The majority of her plush characters have been inspired by her cat and his quirky traits. Over on her website you’ll find gorgeous eco-friendly gifts, sewing patterns & organic kits.



We asked Jenny to tell us a little bit more about how she got started, she told us;

“After learning to sew for a Christmas project a few years ago, I discovered you could buy sewing patterns for stuffed animals. I was immediately hooked and I quickly got into designing my own patterns and hand-dyeing organic fabrics, which I started using for my stuffed toys. I opened my Etsy shop in 2014, and a year later, I started blogging about my creative process on my website.”



We also asked Jenny if she could share her advice for anyone wanting to start their own business…

“Stay true to yourself. I realize that can be difficult when starting out, but you can burn out easily if you don’t follow what feeds your soul. For a while, I expended a lot of energy trying to keep up with what competitors were offering. I tried creating things I thought people would buy instead of what I was passionate about making, and I stressed way too much over what to post on social media. I actually did end up getting burnt out for a while before transitioning over to selling sewing patterns. I eventually reassessed what it was about my business made me happy, which led me into creating patterns and tutorials.”

Be sure to pop over to Jenny’s website & Etsy shop to browse her gorgeous creations. You can also find her on Instagram too!

*Read the full interview with Jenny in the March issue of Bustle & Sew Magazine

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