Meet the Maker: Jessie Chorley

In the June issue of Bustle & Sew Magazine we were delighted to feature an interview with Jessie Chorley. Jessie is a passionate collector, maker, tutor and shop owner who mainly works with found paper, books, fabrics and items of pre-worn clothing. She spends her days in her shop in Hackney, East London, where she sells all the beautiful items she makes.

We wanted to know a little bit more about how Jessie got started, she told us;

“I completed my art foundation in Bangor North Wales and then went on to Goldsmiths College in London to complete my BA in Fine art textiles practice. When I graduated in 2005 I had strongly made up my mind that I wanted to create a life as a maker and to support myself through the items that I made and designed. Since I was a small girl I’d always dreamed of running a shop or a cafe and in 2006 that dream came true when I opened my first small studio and showroom. At the same time I also sold my products on a table top stall at the upcoming Broadway Market in Hackney. During this period I took commissions and gained a large customer base, learning a huge amount about running my own business. These early years were a good foundation for the business I run today. Much of what I made and designed back then have become some of my core stock that I still make today, always developing and changing slightly over the years.”

We also asked Jessie if she had any advice for someone wanting to start their own business. Her advice is…

“Small is Beautiful” – Keep it small and close to your heart until it’s the time to delegate. Make sure you keep true to yourself. Still today the best and favourite part of my business, and the reason I have survived, is because I still love my making and still make and stitch most days. Some days I only get an hour to stitch but I will get up an hour earlier so I have time to do so. I also always have a personal crafting project on the go – I have just completed a large shawl that took me over 2 years, Its now rather cosy and I love to use it at home.”

Jessie’s Annual shop party and Summer exhibition will be held on Saturday 10th August 2019 at her shop & studio – 158a Columbia Rd, London E2 7RG. All welcome with a free stitching workshop during the day.

Be sure to pop over to Jessie’s website to see all of her beautiful creations, you can also find her on Instagram too!

Read the full interview in the July Issue of Bustle & Sew Magazine

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