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As well as very talented makers, we also love to feature some clever bakers in the magazine each month.  And this month I’m delighted to introduce Christina Loucas, a food photographer and food writer based in Cyprus and west coast Canada.  She has a food blog called Afrodite’s Kitchen specialising in traditional and modern Cypriot food.  She lives with her pug Ernie whom she tells us loves eating as much as she does!


Christina decided to start her blog in order to preserve her family’s traditional Cypriot recipes so that the younger generation wouldn’t simply forget how to make certain dishes in the future – everything from how to make homemade olive oil to some traditional Cypriot pancake dishes.  But I’m very glad to report that as well as these delicious recipes, Christina also loves to make cakes!  And it was one of her cake creations we featured in the April Magazine …..


The wonderfully named “Cross Atlantic Valentine Nutty Brownies!”  We tried some over Easter (Rosie and I are great believers in quality control!) and I must say they were quite delicious.  To learn more about Christina and enjoy some more of her yummy creations, please do pop across to her blog Afrodite’s Kitchen and say hello, or take a look at the Afrodite’s Kitchen Facebook page.  Thanks so much Christina for sharing with us this month!

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