Meet the Maker: Avalon and Misty

I’m so loving these extra “Meet the Maker” interviews here on the blog, and today I’m delighted to introduce you to the very talented Avalon and Misty

Who combine freehand machine embroidery and applique to create the most delicate and yet striking pieces of textile art.  Thank you for agreeing to take part Avalon and Misty – and now, without further delay, let’s begin …..


How did you get into crafting?

Crafting has always been a hobby! We so enjoy experimenting with materials and textures to create unique gifts and cards; they’re just so much more special and how rewarding to give someone you love a card or a personalised gift you have put so much love into making!   We use freehand machine embroidery to create most of our work, which we use as a form of illustration to create intricate stitched images which are tactile and unique. Freehand machine embroidery is just perfect for creating cards as it offers lots of possibilities, and we love sewing with different materials and papers. We work together, with one cutting, layering and sticking while the other stitches away!


How did your business come about?

We have always made cards for family and friends, and are constantly making and crafting gifts. We ended up with so many items that we decided to start selling at a local vintage fair! It is wonderful that there is such a love and appreciation for handmade items. We now sell at lots of different fairs and markets and have recently opened an online shop.  There is something sad about walking through a shop and seeing all the cards and gifts which have been mass produced in abundance; we want to create work which is personalised and unique!


What crafty projects are you working on at the moment?

The lead up to Christmas means there are lots of festive crafty projects to work on! Festive crafting is the most fun! We start by collecting wonderful materials, lovely linens, ribbons and buttons (no item is complete without a button!) and then start developing new projects. We are currently creating embroidered hoop art (popular for stockings!) and of course there is the Christmas bunting (what occasion doesn’t require bunting?) and cards!


Where do you look for creative inspiration?

We love being inspired when we are least expecting to be! It could be stumbling across some beautiful vintage lace at a car boot sale which inspires a collection of lovely vintage teacup cards, or when we saw a wonderful tin robot in a shop which inspired us to make a collection of cute robot cards!  There are lots of wonderful places to be inspired online as well, with pinterest being a favourite! We like to save images of beautiful things; even if it’s just a colour scheme or a lovely piece of photography…just flicking through these pictures often inspires a new idea.

misty05 What advice would you give to anyone who wants to turn their hobby into a business?

Turning a hobby into a business is very exciting! We would suggest taking small steps. We started by creating a range of different cards (different sizes, styles and material etc) which we then sold at local fairs and markets. This allowed us to talk to public, see what sells and then refine and focus on creating what is most popular!

Thank you so much for talking to us, Avalon and Misty, and showing us some of your beautiful creations.  Good luck with the Christmas rush!  And if you’d like to see more of Avalon and Misty, then please do just pop over to their Etsy shop.


What lovely pieces of stitchery, I adore the cards, they are so unique and it is great to hear from other crafts people.

This is my first visit to the blog from flickr, and it is really beautifully designed as is all your work.


Aw, thanks so much for your lovely comment Susanna, so pleased you’re enjoying Bustle & Sew.


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