Meet the Maker: Lady Jane Longstitches

We do seem to hear an awful lot about the bad side of the internet, but for me, one of the most wonderful things about it, is how it brings together those of us with the same interests from all over the world.  I do have friends locally of course, but none who are interested in embroidery, though a couple are quilters and dressmakers.

This was really brought home to me this evening when I picked up my copy of the May Magazine to re-read the article on Lady Jane Longstitches.  Rosie puts together our Meet the Maker features, and I must admit it hadn’t really registered with me that mother-daughter team Jessica and Hannah live in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania.  PENNSYLVANIA!!  Back in the day (as Rosie would say) we’d never even have heard of each other, let alone collaborated on a magazine feature.  But I’m so glad we did as Jessica and Hannah are the most amazingly talented stitchers….


The pair have an eclectic style and their piees range from literary quotes, pop culture snippets, song lyrics and unusual vocabulary words to “proper art” pieces featuring portraits, florals and their newest endeavour, their landscape portraits, embroidered recreations of your favourite photographs – what an original and wonderful idea …

Image4Now I’m leaving Devon, I am very tempted to place a custom order featuring Daisy and Ben on our favourite beach.  But not just yet – as it might get lost in the move!  (as an aside, Daisy now has a permanently worried expression on her black furry face – I think she’s a little concerned that if she stands still for too long she might end up packed into a box!  And … I am asking myself, is it worth packing scraps of less than 2″ square?  I rather think it might be!)

But I digress.  If you’d like to see more of Jessica and Hannah’s work then please do pop over to the Lady Jane Longstitches Facebook Page or visit their shop on Etsy.


I’m tickled and thrilled and overjoyed, your kindness has meant the world to Hannah and I. We thank you for having us in your lovely magazine and in this super sweet blog post. Anytime you want a landscape portrait stitched, it would be my pleasure! Good luck with your move and sincerely, thank you again ♡


Thank you Jessica and Hannah for participating in last month’s issue – and the very best of luck with Lady Jane Longstitches xx


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