Meet the Maker: Nina Stajner

In the March issue of Bustle & Sew Magazine we were delighted to feature Nina Stajner, an aspiring illustrator and graphic design graduate. Nina illustrates tender, whimsical and furry cute animals in a soft and delicate manner. She works with traditional media (mostly using watercolours, gouache and colored pencils) but also creates artwork digitally.

We asked Nina how she keeps herself motivated and interested in her work. She told us…

“I work on different things – notebooks, postcards, enamel pins, patterns for cotton muslins, T-shirt designs, little paintings for kid’s rooms, etc. So I keep it interesting with new challenges. I like to work on different things – using my joyful animals and some florals of course. I just feel like I have so much to share and I am motivated 90% of the time to be honest. I really feel blessed to be doing this. I am grateful every single day. So that really keeps me going.”

We also asked Nina about the proudest moment of her career so far;

“Having great sales on Etsy (when I didn’t expect it). And all those people writing to me how they like their order. I get tons of messages/emails. It takes time replying to everyone, but it makes me happy when people appreciate my work. I feel like I have a purpose.”

You can find Nina on Etsy and Instagram – be sure to go and say hello!

Read the full interview in the March issue of Bustle & Sew Magazine. Find out more HERE.

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