Meet the Maker: Pixiecraft Handmade


Katy is a wife, mammy to a beautiful two year old called Poppy, chronic stitcher and passionate cake eater living in Manchester. She started Pixiecraft in 2012 following the success of her blog which followed her adventures in teaching herself to sew.  Everything on her website  is designed and made from her home in South Manchester. Inspired by whimsical impressions of creatures and inspirational quotes she aims to create pieces which make people smile and spread a little bit of stitchy happiness around the globe.

Katy’s story is inspirational – she told us Pixiecraft started as a little experiment on Facebook after years of friends nagging her to start selling her work.  She opened a little page which had 1000 followers within a matter of weeks, and now, three years later Pixiecraft takes up most of her time.  She also runs regular workshops teaching hand embroidery in Manchester.


Here at Bustle & Sew we love the cheery colourfulness of Katy’s designs, as well as the sheer variety of choice – everything from tiny jammy dodger necklaces (yum!) to delightful birds, badgers and inspirational quotes.

If you’d like to see more of Katy’s work then please do click here to visit her website, or keep up to date with all the news at Pixiecraft Handmade over on her Facebook page.

Thanks for being part of our September issue Katy!

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