Meet the Maker: The Fox in the Attic

Before I tell you about the first of our Meet the Makers in the current issue, I’d just like to say a big “thank you” to all those who kindly congratulated us on Rosie & Dan’s very happy news.  I’m so excited that I’ll soon be a grandma – does this mean I’m finally grown up I wonder?

Over the years I’ve created many fox designs – I’m sort of torn between loving the beauty and elegance of the fox, but hating the havoc and destruction it can cause – in particular I recall when my neighbour’s chickens were all killed by a fox, who took just one away leaving the rest for her children to discover.  But still, that’s nature I guess, and certainly foxes are intelligent, good-looking creatures whom I enjoy having around in fabric, floss and felt.  In fact there’s a fox pattern in the October Magazine – I’ve just finished writing it up – and you can see a little sneak peek over on our Instagram account, while Rosie has put together a great “You’re so Foxy” Pinterest board.  (I love the names she chooses for our boards – what’s not to like about “World Pomination?!”  But I digress ….


And would like to introduce you to the very talented Michelle, the creative force behind The Fox in the Attic.  Michelle creates all her handmade items from her home in St Leonards on Sea, England, where she lives with her husband, her gorgeous baby daughter and their ginger cat, Floyd.  Inspired by all kinds of people, places and things, Michelle’s collection has grown to include foxes, pincushions, cats and even unicorns & clouds …..


We asked Michelle why she thought there was such a resurgance in the popularity of handcrafted items and she told us …

I think people are tired of mass produced products that have no uniqueness and are more interested in spending a bit more
money, and buying things that are special and unusual. It is so nice toreceive a gift that was made by an artist with lots of love and passion for what they do or receiving a lovely freshly homemade loaf of bread or cake from a friend.


I couldn’t agree more Michelle!  And if you’d like to see more of The Fox in the Attic then please do CLICK HERE to visit Michelle’s website or pop across to her Facebook page to keep in touch with all her news.

Thanks so much for being a part of the September Magazine Michelle

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