Meet the Maker: The Wilton Street Craft Co.

In the October issue of Bustle & Sew Magazine we were delighted to feature the lovely Emma from The Wilton Street Craft Co. The Wilton Street Craft Co. was born out of adversity and serendipity. Emma is a qualified doctor who become unwell with depression and was no longer able to keep well working in that profession. Turning to her other passions, namely creativity, nice smells, and getting a bit messy, she discovered a talent as a mixologist of scents.

Having always had a love for candles it was a natural progression into candle making. Bringing with her a precision and attention to detail from her work as a doctor, a keen nose for a good scent, and a commitment to eco friendly, high quality ingredients, she created a range of scented candles bearing the logo of her business partner and best friend, Lady.

Emma’s gorgeous assistant Lady

We love that all of Emma’s candles are vegan and eco – friendly so we asked her what inspired her to go down this route. She told us…

“I have always been a big candle fan (read addict) but I had noticed when I burned certain candles Lady’s behaviour would change dramatically which made me wonder what was in them that was capable of doing this. More research led me to discover all sorts of synthetic rubbish and toxins that go in to massproduced candles to give the fragrance or set the wax hard. I wanted to avoid this and produce the most natural product I could so that when you light one of my candles you can just focus on relaxation and not what toxins you might be breathing in. If it says it’s lavender then you know it’s lavender.”

Emma creates some gorgeous scents (Tomato leaf & Sloe Gin being two of our favourites!) so we asked her how she dreams them up. She told us…

“I take inspiration from my travels, home comforts, nature and changing seasonal produce along with favourite food and drink. For me it all started with Gin & Tonic, it was the very first candle scent I developed. I’m a massive gin fan so thought about what would happen if I put that scent in to a candle. It worked really well!”.

If you love the sound of Emma’s candles then please do pop over to her website (where you can commission your own bespoke candles!) and be sure to say hello on Instagram.

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