Meet the Maker: Three Red Apples

From oranges yesterday to apples today – and I’m delighted as always to be able to introduce you to another fabulously talented maker – this time Annabelle Ozanne who runs Three Red Apples from her studio in Devon. Annabelle makes a range of freehand machine embroidered an appliqued textile illustrations using a mix of vintage, recycled and new materials.


Annabelle grew up in rural Brittany where she learned practical as well as creative skills!  Whilst her grandma was an avid knitter, crocheter, sewer and embroiderer she also spent hours helping her father in his huge workshop cutting, hammering, sawing and sanding!  She built a career as a web designer but after a decade of using computers as her creative tool she began to feel she missed the practical, hands-on side of creating actual “things”.


Annabelle’s work is beautifully detailed and combines different fabrics in a unique way to create designs with an eclectic, granny chic vibe, using her sewing machine to “draw” straight onto the fabric…..

To see more of Annabelle’s work please do head over to her website, and keep up to date with goings-on over on her blog.  And thinking about keeping up to date – I am afraid that the French Hen kits I mentioned yesterday…..

… have now all been sold!  Though I still have Pincushion Mice kits available and hope to list some more Lovebird kits before the weekend.  I am so sorry if anyone was disappointed.  I am totally blown away by the popularity of these kits, and will definitely keep listing them as we are able to put more together.  They are quite fiddly and we assemble them all by hand using the same materials I work with myself – no cheap acrylic felt or nasty floss that tangles when you look at it!  I am hoping that before too long we’ll have some baby elephant kits too (perfect for children as they’re nearly as easy as the Pincushion Mice) and then some bunnies in time for Easter.

I’m just trying to source some vintage blanket for the kits to make your baby elephants really special.  The baby elephant pattern will be in the March issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine.

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