Meet the Maker: Wild & Wool

In the June issue of Bustle & Sew Magazine we were absolutely delighted to feature an interview with the lovely Susie from Wild & Wool. Based in Bath, Susie creates beautiful needle felted wool sculptures and in 2015 she created 47 incredible metre-high needle felted foxes for Oddbins Christmas campaign. Since then, her business has gone from strength to strength and it’s not hard to see why…her creations are just beautiful!



We asked Susie if there was anything she wishes she had known before she started her own business. She told us;

“I knew running my own business would be all consuming but I didn’t realise that there would be no pause button on weekends, evenings or even on holiday. I love being my own boss but you never switch off.”



We also asked Susie if she had any tips for anyone wanting to have a go at needle felting. She said;

“Needle felting in essence is quite simple. It is sculptural in feel and involves repeatedly prodding wool tops with very sharp barbed needles which knit the wool fibres together to make a solid object. If you want to try needle felting for the first time you’ll need a foam pad, felting needles (sizes 36 and 38 are best) and some wool tops. There are lots of great kits available now which are a good introduction to this art form. Once you have a bit of practise under your belt you can let your imagination run riot!”



Be sure to pop over to Susie’s Website  and check out all her gorgeous products, you can also find her on Instagram too!

You can read the full interview with Susie in the June issue of Bustle & Sew Magazine

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