Meet the Maker: Mossy Meadow

In the June issue of Bustle & Sew Magazine we were delighted to feature an interview with the lovely Clare from Mossy Meadow. Based in Limerick, Ireland, Clare creates hand embroidered jewellery and needle felted creations inspired by nature. She runs her business from home and sells her gorgeous creations in her Etsy shop.



We asked Clare about her design process, she told us;

“I have a lot of sketchbooks, pretty fabric covered notebooks that I jot ideas down in as they flow out of me. I do come from a graphic design background that has really helped me in the development of ideas, taking an initial concept to a finished product but I usually just follow my instincts. Sometimes I’ll get a big sheet of paper, sketch lots of designs out, maybe add some colour with watercolour but a lot of the time I can see what I want to make in my head and I just go with that! The most important thing for me is for what I’m making to have meaning to me, so I don’t follow trends. I really have to connect to the subject matter to stay interested. I think people can really see if your work is authentic or not.”



We also asked Claire if there was anything else she wishes she knew before she started her business, she said;

“I wish I’d known about the time it takes to run an Etsy shop, it’s not just about making beautiful things, you have to take good photos, edit those photos, upload your items into Etsy (the amount of sections and categories can be intimidating at first!), then you need to promote your products on social media. I don’t like to ‘sell’ my creations too much, so my favourite method of letting people know about what I make is definitely Instagram. People love to see your work in progress, how it’s made, I know I like to see other creatives at work, it’s inspiring!”

You can find all of Clare’s gorgeous creations in her Etsy shop. She’s also on Facebook and Instagram – do be sure to pop by and say hello!

Read the full interview in the June issue of Bustle & Sew Magazine.

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