Meet the Maker: Them Silver Seas

In the January issue of Bustle & Sew Magazine we were delighted to feature an interview with our very first jeweller –  the lovely Laura from Them Silver Seas. Based in Cornwall, Laura creates hand cut ethically made jewellery inspired by storytelling, story tellers, folk lore and fairy tales.



We asked Laura about the techniques she uses to create her unique pieces of jewellery. She told us;

“Two techniques really. One is based around use of the saw. I love my saw. I cut out details and then build back layers into pieces so they become three dimensional. I like to put small details and texture in and I always like to see how shadows play on the pieces from what I have cut out.

The other technique I use is enamelling. I use graphite on enamel, you can draw directly onto the enamel and fire to a permanent finish, which just opens up endless possibilities in my mind. Another enamelling technique I use is plique a jour – which means ‘glimpse of the day’ – I cut out spaces and fill them with washed enamel and then torch fire. The end result is like stained glass. I break some rules to make the pieces. Lots of trial and error practice to get to that point.”

We also asked Laura if she had any advice for budding entrepreneurs…

“The best piece of advice I think I have is just to start… don’t wait until everything is ‘right’ or there will always be something you are waiting for. Just one thing at a time.”

You can find Laura’s gorgeous pieces in her Etsy Shop. She’s also on Facebook – do pop over and say hello!

Read the full interview with Laura in the January issue of Bustle & Sew Magazine


I love Laura work, just bought her Tiger and Lion earrings. The pair of the earrings tells a story too. It’s a long story and I feel I am creating the story now too. I have no idea how the story started and where it’s leading to. That’s what I love the most! 🙂


She is so talented, I have her fox and hare – I hadn’t thought of it being a story though – I will look at it quite differently now xx


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