More wedding preparations and the July Magazine

Here’s a quick peek at the cover of the July magazine – nice and early this month as I’ve finished it already (need to concentrate on THE BIG DAY from now on).My jam jar decorating is coming along nicely – a coat of chalk paint and some fabric scraps transforms a plain jar into something really rather pretty ….

And not that I’m excited of course (eek!)  but I’ve hung my wedding bunting in the kitchen already …..

Of course Daisy made it into the photo again. I don’t know where Ben was, snoozing in the hall I expect as weddings are far too girly for him.  They’re off to their favourite kennels next week safely out of the way. I won’t have any time to spare for them over the wedding period and Rosie (although she loves them loads) quite understandably doesn’t want her beautiful wedding dress covered with black newfie fluff!  I’m sure they won’t mind though, they always have a lovely time with their “Auntie” Gillian.

The July issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine is published on Thursday 26 June.



Laura Lee

Oh my goodness!, How do you do it all???? 🙂 The wedding preparations look absolutely stunning! Rosie is a very fortunate daughter & bride. Love all of your pictures, your beautiful home, the “big kids”, and sitting on the edge of my chair anxiously waiting to see pictures of the wedding! You are amazing Helen!


Fabulous bunting and beautiful jars. Well done on all the wedding preparations, so much to do so little time!!! It is going to be a beautiful day xx


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