Mrs Molly Rabbit, a new idea and pattern prices reduced

I have in the past been accused of living in my own little world and it’s something I’ll readily admit to – at least from time to time.  I think that possibly everyone who enjoys creating is like this as if you’re anything like me you become totally immersed in whatever you’re making, dreaming of how it will be when finished, the reaction of the intended recipient or even, when I’m stitching softies, giving my creations names and life stories!  This is certainly true of my latest project for the April Magazine – Mrs Molly Rabbit ….

Molly is a busy, bustling, motherly kind of rabbit, with long pink ears, a very fluffy tail and the prettiest little new spring dress.  She spent a long time with Miss Matilda Gosling discussing fabric choices ….

Before settling on a pretty Tilda floral print – perfect for taking her babies out and about this spring ….

What a charming little family they are – though the babies are very mischievous of course!

Rummaging around in the undergrowth looking for ladybirds and getting mud on their fluffy white tails in the process!

I adapted the babies from the same pattern as my Little Brown Bunny in the March edition of the Magazine and am planning to list them in the Bustle & Sew store at the end of the month, which is part of our new idea.

Rosie suggested, and I think it would be fun too, that each month when the magazine is published, we list a small number of physical items for sale – possibly kits for one of the magazine projects, pattern samples or specially made items – all related to that month’s issue.  So at the end of this month I will be listing a special limited edition of Baby Bunny kits as well as a few completed Baby Bunnies that I’ve made myself (in case you don’t have enough time to stitch your own).  As well as the bunnies I’ll also be listing the two pattern samples below….

I completed two samples to show how this design would look using different fabrics – they’re all a mixture of Cath Kidston, Tilda and I think possibly some vintage Laura Ashley combined with some hand embroidery.  I’ll let you know when they’re available.

And finally – in case you haven’t visited the Bustle & Sew Store lately – we have reduced all individual pattern prices to just $5 each to reflect the current exchange rate which shows little sign of moving at present.  So now our patterns are super-good value – and fun to stitch too of course!

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