My heart belonged to Daddy

Today is of course, Father’s Day – and, following on from my last post, I have some good news – although the jackdaw father died, his faithful chick did indeed return to the skies.  Earlier today I watched as five black shapes circled overhead and was pleased to think that his youngsters were all safe and reunited with their mother.  

I lost my father nearly a quarter of a century ago, just before Rosie was born, so I must admit that Father’s Day usually passes me by.  But recently I’ve been doing some sorting and decluttering and came across some old photos of my Dad which I thought I’d like to share ….. 

My heart belonged to Daddy

 I was a real “daddy’s girl” and remember very well the day this was taken.  We were on holiday in Scotland and I insisted that I was big enough to row the boat to give my dad a rest. I’m not sure that my rowing was very effective though!

The smartest caravanners ...

 My dad had a real passion for cars  and would spend many happy hours tinkering with them – teaching me the basics as soon as I was old enough.  Like many families in the sixties we went on caravan holidays and here you see his pride and joy hitched up to our van ready to set off on another exciting adventure (although now to my adult eyes it looks a bit like a racehorse towing a cart, but never mind!).

My heart belonged to Daddy

 This snap was taken from the bedroom window of my parents’ house just a short while before his death in 1988 at only 58 from a fatal heart attack.  It’s not a wonderful shot, but please notice the garden furniture in the foreground on the right ……

Meal at Coombe Leigh

 And again in the picture above.  Yes, it’s the same furniture!  Now at least 40 years old, made from very solid and durable teak, it’s undergone many transformations and is currently painted in a mixture of lovely ice cream and candy colours for summer 2013.  Here Lisa and Emily are sitting on it to enjoy their summer supper … Fish and Tomato Curry ….

Fish Curry

and Coconut & Lime Ice with berries ….

Lime & Coconut Icecream

 Yummy! And both suitable for vegetarians with wheat and dairy allergies (like Lisa, who is a wonderful friend, but a nightmare to cook for!).  Both these recipes will be included in the July issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine in my new regular “Recipe Corner” feature. 

Recipe Corner Header

 And I’ll leave you with a picture of Emily’s twin, Oliver, who certainly seemed to enjoy his summer supper!


(PS Especially the ice cream!) 


Just to let you know I have made Coronation Chicken from last July’s magazine, its the best I’ve ever tasted – eldest son and wife arriving shortly but we won’t be enjoying it in the garden – its raining!
Looking forward to the fish and tomato curry recipe.
Now I must go and ring my daddy……..but I have to admit fathers day actually passes me by too…………
You love your tam o’shanter, and you haven’t changed either.
Julie xxxxxxx


What lovely memories of your father. Mine too dies from a sudden heart attack when he was 67 and our boys were young. I find myself thinking of him a great deal on Fathers’ Days. i look forward to seeing your recipes, as I too have to eat gluten and dairy free.


Thanks so much for sharing the photos of your dad, Helen, and the happy memories. They’re wonderful, and will be a treasure for future generations, as well. I lost my dad two weeks after his 61st birthday with heart issues, too.
The recipe corner will be much anticipated! The summer supper dishes look delightful!
I’m so glad that the jackdaw youngster finally returned to his mother and is doing well with siblings. Very sad that their dad is no longer flying with them, but all his hard work ensured that they would carry on…
X Linda


I am sorry for your loss of your Dad. I never knew mine. He got hit by a car and died 7 months before I was born. Even though I am 61 years old, I miss him every day. I did have an extra-special grandfather, who was my hero in all ways. He was my Grand Daddy! I lost him when I was 21. I miss him each and every day. I have happy memories of him.


So sad that you lost your Dad, Mine went too in hospital when he was 52, and now my Hubby also in hospital, at 66, so Father’s Day is a sad time for me, although I think of them every day, love the photo’s of you and your Dad and also photo’s of your friends, also love your recipes!


Thank you for sharing your memories and recipes with us! I’m looking forward to trying them. Just a little FYI though, some vegetarians do not eat any sort of meat or fish, my daughter included.
My father passed away 19 yrs ago at age 74 and I do miss him and think about him a lot, especially on these holidays.
The twins are so adorable too!
Thank you again! I enjoy your stories so much!
Take care, Helen!


Thanks Valerie, I will try to include another veggie recipe in a later issue that doesnt have fish, though it will probably have dairy. Helen xx


So pleased to of found your blog & website …. I will look forward to the recipes in the newsletter as I am a nightmare to cook for person as well 🙂


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