October Magazine: A Jolly Good Read!

I’ve been REALLY busy these past few days assembling the October issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine.  It’s really not the done thing here in England, we’re taught never to boast or blow our own trumpets, but I must say I’m exceptionally proud of this month’s issue.  Rosie is putting her publishing background to very good use, seeking out contributors and putting together brilliant new items to include this month.  Together we want to make the Bustle & Sew Magazine into more than just a sewing publication – into a jolly good read in fact!

Although we both simply adore anything to do with fibre, thread and stitching (and in Rosie’s case crochet as well), we also love anything to do with our homes and family and wanted to reflect this in the magazine.  So in this month, as well as these six new projects …

There are all sorts of other goodies inside too.  There’s a baking corner (complete with conversion tables, so you’re good to go wherever you live), an interview with the amazingly talented Lisa Toppin of Agnes and Cora (her freestyle machine embroidery skills are almost magical), printables, articles on velvet and stumpwork (my contribution) as well as crafting, shopping and blogging pages.

If you are a subscriber, then I hope you’ll approve of these changes, especially as this month’s issue’s the biggest yet at nearly 80 pages (with no advertising to get in the way of your creating).  And if you’re not a subscriber, then why not try it out?  You can learn more over on my magazine page.


I already love your magazine but I really love the new additions. You should boast, you deserve it.


The cover is lovely, and I’m looking forward to reading (and creating!) October’s contents. Will Thursday ever come?!

X Linda

Beverly Carroll

Helen. You needn’t worry about anything. I love the magazine. I am especially excited to read about Devon and your life there. I went to England many years ago and drove through the Cotswalls and down to the English Channel In my working years I taught language (English) and literature) and I also enjoy your book references. I love the dogs (all 3!) an am always happy to hear how they are doing. Have a wonderful week, and keep your talent coming our way.


Thanks Beverly, so lovely of you. The dogs can be very loveable it’s true, but as at the moment Tilly and Daisy are competing to see who can dig the deepest hole in my borders, they’re in a bit of disgrace. No doggie chocs at bedtime for the naughty pair!


I just love your magazine. I learn something new every month and the projects are wonderful. I will have a hard time to pick a first project this month. Love, love, love. Thanks Helen.


Thank you Chris, that’s so kind of you – delighted you’re enjoying the magazine, I know Rosie and I have loads of fun putting it together. xx


Being a new subscriber to your magazine I already love it, I’ve enjoyed reading about the history of quilting and the lovely photos and chats about Devon. This is my type of magazine – no adverts, full of very interesting articles, sewing patterns and tips. A beautifully put together interesting read 🙂 I also love the pictorial headings to each page. Thank you for all your hard work.
Lynn x


Aw, thanks so much Lynn and I do hope you’ll enjoy all the changes and new items this month – be sure to let me know xx


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