Oh my goodness, what happened to Christmas?

Goodness me – wherever did Christmas go?  All that planning, the preparation …. and now it’s over for another year – how can this be?  I hope that you had a wonderful day, we most certainly did.  Daisy simply ADORES Christmas, (all those turkey tidbits and doggie chocs!) and was very pleased with her new Christmas collar …..

So much more suitable and dignified than a silly Santa hat she felt!  And though we missed Ben, we were sure that he was partying too.  Rosie has told Freddie that Ben has gone to live on the moon and so we made sure to drink a toast to “the dog on the moon!”.  Then, to add to the excitement – we have had snow.  Daisy has never seen snow before and was so funny, lifting each paw up very high and placing it down very delicately onto the strange white stuff, before being overcome with excitement ….

..and heading off across the field with a swishing of her tail and prancing of big furry paws to investigate the snowman that some of the village children were building up against the hedge by the large horse chestnut trees.  Then there was Freddie’s birthday party to enjoy as he turned two on Boxing Day ….

This year he had a bit of a wilderness and forest theme, with the Wilderness Bunting from the January Magazine proudly displayed across the front of the table.  And thinking of the January Magazine ….

It’s all finished and uploaded and will be sent out to subscribers tomorrow morning.  As usual there are six new Bustle & Sew patterns as well as features, articles, Rosie’s Recipes (this month brings very apt Winter Warmer choices) and lots more besides.  Please just click on the image below for a full preview …

And if you’d like to find out more and subscribe then please just CLICK HERE to read all about it!


Sounds like you all had a fun time. That is lovely about Ben being the dog on the moon, Happy New Year now, but you’re right, what did happen to Christmas? Although us as a family have another Christmas with three of our grandchildren on Friday, so looking forward to that.

Julie xxxxxxxxx


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