Out in the Summer House

As the warm and sunny weather continues, this morning we set off early for our walk in the woods before it became too hot for Ben who hasn’t yet shed his extra heavy winter coat.  I stopped on the way at our little village hall which has been turned into a polling station for the day for our County Council elections.  Maybe it’s because I’m older – and possibly more cynical – but it seemed to me that there wasn’t much to choose between the candidates – and none of them really seemed to be concerned about the issues that affect small rural communities like ours.  But nonetheless, remembering the Suffragettes and “Votes for Women”, I marked my “X” in one of the squares and posted my vote in the large black ballot box.  

I’m hoping this wonderful weather will continue over the weekend, so am sprucing up the summerhouse in readiness …..

gbpicphotos 015

 … repainting the furniture, which has been with me for – oh – well over 20 years!!  It actually dates back to the early 1970s and was a gift from my mum when Rosie was very very tiny.  It is still good and solid and although it was originally a very dark teak, over the years it’s been all sorts of colours – this year I’ve opted for pastel shades (very on-trend!) with pale pink, blue and white.  And in the back corner you can see my latest completed project – it was outside for its photo shoot.  Finished just in time for this lovely weather – my Great British Picnic Blanket – with its own bag for storage and transportation.

Great British Picnic

 The Great British Picnic Blanket (and bag) will be in the June issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine (published 30 May).  I’m still working on another project for the magazine – my Blackwork Butterfly – which is going well – the fluffy body makes a most effective contrast to the lacy wings as I hoped it would …..

Blackwork Butterfly wip

 The summerhouse makes a lovely warm weather office, so as the paint had dried on my furniture, I took my laptop outside this afternoon and settled down to do some work … 

summerhouse and tea 001

Ably assisted by my two furry friends …. both large ….

summerhouse and tea 005

And under the table, next to my feet, in the spot Ben used to love when he was a puppy, the small one (though growing larger every day!)

summerhouse and tea 006

 Hopefully they’ll both stay fast asleep for a while so I can get some work done! 


Lovely to sit there and to natter to a lovely friend.
It must be hot, hot, hot for two furry friends.
Julie xxxxxxxxxxx


Hi, your summer house looks fantastic. I love the painted furniture, our outdoor table and chairs need a coat of paint too.( I’d love to do them pale pink but I don’t think my husband will agree! )Looking forward to attempting the picnic blanket, it is stunning. I hope Ben sheds his winter wool soon! I do love seeing the photos of Daisy and him. Stephanie x


Hi, love the summer house, it looks nice and relaxing. Love your butterfly too, awesome work! You always do awesome work, thanks for sharing have a great day!!
smjohns63 at yahoo dot com


Your summer house looks wonderful, love the cushions!!! Hope the weather lasts through the weekend so you can enjoy using your beautiful new blanket. Our GSD has not shed his winter coat either and he gets heated rather quickly but still wants to play, play, play!!!
xx Kim


Oh Helen it is all lovely..wish I had a summer house to hang out in!! Our Dogs are shedding like crazy..and the cats too!! I run a round with the Vac all the time picking up bit and pieces all over!! Labs shed as bad as our Aussie Mix!! Brushes get a hard work out here on the ranch!! 🙂

Hugs Jan


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