Owls, foxes and our new bunny …

I’ve been very busy over the weekend working on the patterns for the September issue of the magazine, including my first Christmas pattern of the year (catch a glimpse of my penguin over on Instagram).  In September my thoughts begin to turn away from the beach inland towards the woods as the trees begin to shed the first of their leaves and mushrooms and toadstools peek up through the mossy ground. So I thought it would be fun to create a woodland-style tea cosy for the September issue and at first was considering an owl …..


And put together a whole board of owls on Pinterest while I was looking.  There are so many lovely knitted owl tea cosies, but not many that are sewn.  I was nearly decided upon an owl, when I spotted a lovely illustration  …..


From the very talented EvaJuliet’s shop on Etsy.   I did a little bit more searching and discovered that whilst there were lots of beautiful owl cosies, nobody seemed to have created a pattern for fox-lovers.   So yesterday afternoon while the Newfies were sleeping I did a little measuring and cutting, stitching and snipping and came up with ….

A sleepy fox tea cosy!  Perfect to keep my pot lovely and snug during the colder months.  The pattern for my sleepy fox cosy will be in the September issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine.  Which will also have a bit of a makeover, including the new Bustle & Sew bunny on the cover for the first time……


Isn’t she adorable!  Next month’s issue will also have some extra goodies inside with more to follow over the coming months!  This website is going to be given a new look in September too – with the updated Bustle & Sew bunny and a more modern (though still very cute!) style.  I do hope you’ll like it!

And finally … thank you so much to everyone who sent lovely emails and messages of support to Ben after his operation and sad experience with some very rude people.  Image4

He’s now fully recovered and allowed to go swimming again.  Here he is about to dive in – what could be a nicer start to the day? he thinks.


So happy Ben is happy. Some people have nothing better to than be rude.
Love that fox teacosy.
Julie xxxxxxx


What a darling fox!! And, of course, Ben, too!

I’m so sorry, I cannot imagine how anyone could be rude or mean to you! Wow. Or for that matter, mean at all.

Take good care!


Thanks Valerie – I think sometimes people are just a bit thoughtless. And if not dog lovers probably don’t realise a dog will react to a tone of voice, if indeed they stopped to consider that he was listening to them at all. But we’re over it now – and Ben is back to his usual cheerful self again. xx


Love your tea cosy, it is cute and will keep your tea lovely and hot. it is sad that some people are so rude to people and their lovely furry family.

Regena Fickes

Isn’t he gorgeous? So glad he is back to normal. Can’t wait to make the teacosy. Thanks.


So nice to hear that Ben has resumed normal activities and hopefully the entire sad experience is now a distant and faded memory. Love the fox cozy…
X Linda


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