Publication Day for the October Magazine!

Yes, today is the last Thursday of the month which means it is ….. Bustle & Sew Magazine publication day – woohoo!!  I must admit I always breathe a sigh of relief when each issue is safely uploaded and sent out to all my lovely subscribers.  Rosie and I absolutely adore putting it all together for you, but I have never quite learned to trust computers completely (can’t think why!) and so can’t properly relax until everyone has received their copy.CoverOct15Merged

This month’s issue has features six new Bustle & Sew projects including my second Christmas design.  I think the funky penguin softie would also work well for Christmas – I can quite imagine him in a party hat!  If you’d like to peek between the covers, then please do click on the image below ….

And you can learn more about subscribing over on my magazine page.  We have a great offer for new subscribers at present – try your first three issues for the price of just one – bargain!

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