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Today I thought it would be nice to introduce you to the very talented Caroline Lovis of Redneedle.  And I really do mean very talented.  As well as sewing she crochets and makes beautiful creations from paper too.  The image above is from her blog and shows her take on a brown paper parcel for Christmas.  I think I am going to experiment with her technique this year. 
Townie Husband and Rosie are both very very bad at Christmas.  They simply cannot leave their parcels alone, shaking, tapping, squeezing and working fingers through every little un-sellotaped gap to try to guess the contents.  But I think a machine-stitched brown paper parcel would defy even their attempts to peek at the contents!
And if you’re looking for a special gift – and running out of time to create it yourself, then you’ll find lots of lovely goodies in Caroline’s shop.  Just visit her blog to find out more.
Caroline is featured in this month’s Bustle & Sew Magazine … and has generously offered one of her needlecases as a giveaway.  If you are a subscriber then please don’t forget to enter – and if you don’t currently subscribe, and would like to learn more, then you can do so here.


I discovered Caroline's blog when I read her feature in the magazine. Love her work.
Where/how do we enter the giveaway? I don't see it anywhere…….


Hi – sorry if my post wasn't clear – the giveaway details are at the end of Caroline's feature in this month's magazine. H x


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