Snuggling Down for Autumn

It’s been cold, wet and windy here recently and the blue skies and warm temperatures we experienced just last week seem now to be just a distant memory.  The leaves that were so much fun to scrunch through in our wellies (mine are blue and Freddie’s are green with crocodile teeth and spikes), are now a sodden grey/brown mush that squelch sadly underfoot.  But this weather brings its own compensations – there’s no possibility of heading off into the garden to undertake some rather overdue tidying up – so it’s time for some guilt-free snuggling on the sofa with my hoop, and furry “helper” of course….

I’ve been working on the latest design for the November issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine.  When I was putting together our two latest embroidery collections, Embroidered Garden….

and Hoop Love….

It struck me that I’d never stitched a landscape – and now perhaps might be the time to try!  The result is the hoop you can see resting against Daisy’s black furry body in the top picture (I knew she’d come in useful one day). It’s proving to be great fun to stitch and I know just the person who will appreciate my finished hoop.I’m sure he’ll love it – gifts for men are always a challenge and I think this design fits the bill perfectly!  The pattern will be in the November issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine that’s published next week.

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