Spring Blooms, Happy Hens and the April Magazine

At last my hens have arrived!  We picked them up from our local collection point on Wednesday morning, each pair snuggly tucked into a stout cardboard box for their journey.  Then, after very carefully and smoothly driving home we carried the boxes down to the Hen Pen and opened the lids to see four little bright-eyed feathery faces peeping up at us before they began to emerge, blinking, into the daylight.

Their names (from left to right) are Primrose, Katie, Clover and Poppy and so far they seem to be settling in well.  They’ve already learned how to put themselves to bed in their coop at night and hopefully will begin laying within the next few weeks.

And, in the midst of all this excitement, I’ve managed to finish my Spring Blooms project – a set of four different kinds of spring bulb that I’ve incorporated into a patchwork table centre. The instructions to stitch all four designs as well as make up your table centre will be included as a subscribers’ only supplement to the April Magazine when it’s sent out on Thursday.  Three of the patterns are available in the magazine but the fourth design, the bowl of hyacinths is only available in this supplement and won’t be for sale as an individual pattern.

After which it will be available to purchase both here on the Bustle & Sew website and also in my Etsy store.  I’m really excited about this supplement as in all my twelve years plus of producing the Bustle & Sew Magazine I’ve never done this before and I do hope you’ll like it.

There’s lots more to enjoy in the April issue too…..

As always, now is the very best time to subscribe.  When you take out a subscription you’ll receive the March Magazine straight away, followed by the April Magazine and Spring Blooms Supplement when they’re published on Thursday…

That’s all this for just $5.50 – bargain!  And of course I do hope you’ll love the magazine and continue to subscribe, but if you decide it isn’t for you then you’re free to unsubscribe at any time – there’s no minimum subscription period and no tie-in. All you need to do is drop me an email letting me know that you’d like to discontinue your subscription.

To find out more about the magazine and to subscribe, then please just CLICK HERE to visit our magazine page.  And remember, the supplement is only free to subscribers, though you will be able to purchase it separately from April.

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