Spring has sprung – but for how long? And a peep at the April Magazine

I know I have said it before, and at the risk of being repetitive, I will say it again – it is no wonder we are obsessed with the weather here in Britain!  The photos below were taken just a week apart….

Last weekend – and earlier this afternoon while I was out working in my garden.  Two seasons in just a week!  We have had some glorious spring sunshine this weekend though and I think everything was waiting patiently beneath the snow to burst into bloom once it had gone….

I have recently been able to take down the wire fencing that has disfigured my borders for the last couple of years as Daisy isn’t nearly as destructive in the garden as Ben used to be.  And now the fencing has gone I can get in amongst the plants and do some proper clearing and weeding, much to the delight of our resident robin who followed me around helping himself to the nice fat juicy worms revealed by my trowel.  I tried to take a picture to show you, but he was far too quick for me – so here is one of Miss Daisy instead, looking extremely fed up as she was hoping we’d be off to the beach again today….

You may notice that she’s looking extremely fluffy – this was because she had to be well rinsed and vigorously brushed after her beach trip yesterday – when she discovered there was some delightful MUD alongside the promenade….

And promptly took herself in for a paddle!   Alongside all these activities I’ve been putting the finishing touches to the April edition of the Bustle & Sew Magazine that’s published on Thursday..



There’s lots going on inside – just click on the image below for a preview of this month’s contents…

And if you’d like to learn more, then please do pop over to the magazine page where you can read all about it.

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