Summer is (temporarily at least) Here!

The last couple of days have brought absolutely perfect summer weather.  The skies have been blue with only a few fluffy white clouds floating past, the air has been warm and the sun has been shining brightly.  Yesterday Rosie and I were very naughty.  On impulse we took the afternoon off and, together with Freddie of course, we headed down to Stourhead – one of our favourite places – to wander around the lake, saying hello to some very friendly ducks on the way (Freddie’s favourite part of the day!) ….

Before collapsing gratefully in the shade to enjoy the most delicious icecreams. I love this time of year, my garden (though in no way comparable to Stourhead of course, being probably less than a thousandth of the size with no lake – though I do have a bird bath haha!) is looking really pretty …

And yes … I have sneaked another couple of Stourhead pictures into this collage!  Ben and Daisy also found their way into one of the pictures.  Ben posed beautifully whilst that naughty Miss Daisy was much more interested in retrieving the biscuit she somehow managed to drop on the way.

Though summer will probably disappear again next week (this being England after all!) it’s definitely here to stay in the June issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine published today.  We have berries, cherries, roses and more – a real English country summer edition – just click on the image below to view a sample of the contents ….

If you’re a subscriber the June issue should have arrived in your inbox this morning – if you haven’t seen it then please do let me know. If you’re not a subscriber and would like to learn more then please just click here to visit our magazine page.


Que lindo país! Espero conhecê-lo um dia! Considere-se uma pessoa feliz por viver aí.
Amo tudo que vem daí, e só não compro porque nossa moeda é muito sem valor perante a libra, daí fica muito caro….mas fico vendo e desejando esse tecidos tão lindos que você mostra.
obrigada pelas lindas fotos e trabalhos!
abs, Eva


Thank you for your kind comments Eva. I have never visited Brazil, but I know your country is very beautiful too! xxx


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