The sun came out … at last!

This winter does seem to have particularly grey and gloomy with day after day of rain, mist and dark grey skies.  But scattered among the generally miserable weather we have had a few glorious days of dazzling winter sunshine – and last week Miss Daisy and I took advantage of one such day to go swimming (her not me!) at Priddy where prehistoric excavations have left the ground pitted with hollows that fill with clear peaty water at this time of year.

The landscape looked bleak and colourless …

There was water everywhere – that’s not a stream at the bottom left – it’s actually the path!  But Daisy was in her element and it wasn’t long before she took the plunge – I amazingly (1) had my phone with me and (2) remembered to use it, taking the video below…

Daisy swimming at Priddy Somerset

Although she is the prettiest dog, she is also one of the clumsiest and inelegant creatures in motion – check out her very odd trot – moving two legs on one side together at once!  But once in the water that she is transformed into a sleek and graceful swimmer – in her element at last!

Inelegant, who me?!

Then yesterday the sun shone once again – for part of the day at least – we ended with the usual mist and rain.  But the morning was sparkling fresh and bright, so after “Music with Mummies” (or in my case grandma!) Freddie and I headed off to the Bishops Palace Gardens in Wells.  We haven’t visited for some time, so we were delighted to discover the gardens looking so beautiful – carpets of snowdrops and early cyclamen ….

Which inspired the first project for the March Magazine ….

I’m still very much at the beginning, but it will be a pennant combining easy hand embroidery with some machine applique.  And, thinking about the magazine, I’m delighted to be able to tell you that the February edition is now available in paperback form on Amazon worldwide…

Just CLICK HERE for and CLICK HERE for


Great photos,awww she is such a joy and lovely to see her swimming.Oh yes that was one of my fav songs too.


Thanks Lee, now she has her new drying coat she can go swimming much more often. It’s very effective, she’s usually nearly dry by the time we get home. xx

Linda Lee Matier

I LOVE your stories of your Newfys! I had my Lil’JonBoy for almost 15 years. I was so Blessed by him and cried for days and days when he passed away. It’s been 23 years and I still miss him. He was my sunshine every day.


Aw Linda, I am so sorry, they are such a wonderful breed. Though Daisy will, I think, be my last as my new cottage is simply too small for an energetic young Newfie – I remember Ben and Daisy’s puppy days very well – both of them enjoyed digging and chewing, my garden was a disaster! xx


Dear Helen,

I love the mountains and sun pennant – what a brilliant idea!

What a lovely photo of the ever beautiful Daisy. Echo says to tell Daisy that her trot isn’t odd and that she trots along just the same! Interestingly, trotting horses used for racing are specially trained to move like this. I don’t think Daisy or Echo would win any races though!

Thanks for all the super ideas – do you ever sleep? Ha, ha.

Love from all of us,
Diana, Echo and Inky. xxxxxx


Thanks Diana, how lovely that Echo and Daisy trot (or as I tell Daisy, she “wobbles like a jelly”) in the same way. I remember, when we visited Peru, riding a Peruvian Paso horse that also had this gait – very comfortable for a long day’s ride. So pleased you like the pennant – and yes, I do sleep (unless Freddie has a sleepover, in which case I tend to be woken rather early!). Love to all of you too xxx


Helem, glad i found you again, love to hear about your adventures with Daisy and company. Cant do much as far as projects go nowadays, have problems with my eyes, but I can see what others have done, take Care, former Brit, Eileen.


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