At Least there’s some Sunshine Indoors

Goodness, it’s been so wet and windy here lately – there was a positively biblical deluge on Monday – the downpour varied only in its intensity and didn’t stop once all day.  It’s cold too, I’ve put the heating back on (in June!), and my poor garden is looking very bedraggled…

Though the raindrops on these soft velvety leaves do look rather attractive….

Daisy and Tilly (who is staying with us for a while) are totally bored and fed up as their walks have been of the shortest and all that is left to do is sleep….

The two latest projects for the July Magazine have been languishing on the table next to my laptop for days, waiting for some kind of window in the weather for me to take their photographs….

Which is particularly annoying to Freddie as he is dying to make the toucan softie his own!  He’s in luck today though as finally the sun came out for – well – about 3 minutes – and I was able to dash outside, phone in hand and make the most of the light….

I love yellow, blue and white as a combination – so cheerful and full of sunshine – and I hope you’ll like this applique of daisies in a Cornishware Dreadnought Jug.  Then the Toucan – who is super-easy to make has a sunshine yellow beak….

I think I must’ve been subconsciously compensating for the lack of brightness outside.  Anyway, these two projects will be in the July issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine – and I do hope that summer has returned by the time it’s published at the end of the month!


Hi Lane, the magazines are sent by email – have you checked your junk folders to see if they’re in there as my records show them as having been sent. If you don’t see them then please could you email me and I’ll happily send you new links.


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