Take a deep breath!

Phew!  I have been super-busy over the last few weeks with lots of exciting happenings here at Bustle & Sew HQ.  So it was lovely to find the time to take a break earlier this week when Rosie and I headed off to one of our favourite places, Stourhead, a National Trust property that’s only about 30 mins drive from me and is particuarly lovely at this time of year …


We were surprised to find the car park so full – it was definitely much busier than when we last visited back in July.  We know it’s very popular for its beautiful autumn foliage –  we just hadn’t realised how popular!


The colours were indeed beautiful, and we enjoyed a lovely walk around the lake …


Freddie was happily burbling away to himself cosied up in his pushchair, and particuarly enjoyed waving to the ducks …


Even though they didn’t wave back!  We had a lovely winter picnic .. soup and sandwiches for the grown-ups and Dairylea spread for Freddie (just like his mum used to enjoy at his age!)  The weather was absolutely perfect, crisp and chilly, but sunny with no wind, and we lingered as long as we were able.


Then home again, and a chance to catch up on some housework (boo) including dusting and rearranging my dresser (yippee!)


And light the woodburner.  My woodburner here in Somerset isn’t a stylish cream version like the one I had in Devon, but has an even better plus point – the glass window in the door doesn’t seem to ever need cleaning – result!!


I think it has a special airflow system, but I’m not quite sure.  Anyway, Daisy rather likes it …


Though Ben much prefers to bask on the cool tiled floor of the conservatory.  His fur is simply too thick for him to appreciate the joys of the woodburner!  But it hasn’t all been play this week.  I’ve been busy putting together the (I can hardly believe it) 70th issue of the magazine, as well as working on a new printed panel (to be revealed next weekend)


I’m not quite ready to upload the preview yet, so here’s a look at the cover showing all the projects inside.  But I do have some news about the magazine.  For several years I’ve been able to offer a printed version using Amazon’s own print on demand service.  But no longer I’m afraid.  As each issue has become bigger, packed with more and more content, including lots of lovely images, so my upload files have become larger and larger – and have now reached the point where they’re simply too big for me to be able to use the Amazon service in this way.  This doesn’t affect the digital version of course, in fact it’s quite liberating  as there’s no longer any constraint on how much I can pack into every issue – so readers can expect even more between the covers every month as we head into our seventh year!!

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