Taking photos for the December Magazine

Yes, today the sun came out at last – though as I am typing now, it looks very much as though it’s going to rain again before too long. At least we don’t have the same severe problems with snow and then flooding here as they do in the north-eastern part of the USA – I do hope everything gets back to normal quite soon for you if you live there.

I have had a whole heap of projects stacked up nearly all week waiting for the gloom to lift so I could take some nice bright sparkly photos ….

Yes – that’s all the projects for the December issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine – out on Thursday.  This morning I was finally able to arrange them all nicely in the corner of my living room just below the window, so lots of lovely light …

Looking a lot nicer, than just in an untidy heap!  Now I’m busy putting the finishing touches to the magazine, whilst nibbling on some delicious cake.  The Newfies feel that my piece of cake should by rights belong to them, and they’re trying to transfer it into their mouths by the power of thought alone …..

No chance is what I said.  Far too nice to share with you two!  And anyway, I needed to feed my brain while I was working on the magazine cover …..

Which is finished – though the interior isn’t quite ready to reveal to the world just yet.  I’ll be back next week with a full preview – and don’t forget if you’d like to learn more and subscribe, then you can do so over on my magazine page.


Ben and Daisy, that cake is not good for doggies, I’m sure there is a special cake/biccy for you somewhere, just be good and see what happens…………
I love the things you made Helen, they are great. Looking forward as I always do to the next magazine
Julie xxxxxxxx


I have been crossing my fingers and toes in hopes that you might include the skiing cushion in the December Magazine! I’m so excited to see that you have done so along with so many other lovely projects to fill my home with Christmas joy! Thank you! Can’t wait until Thursday!

XX Linda


Thanks so much Linda – and there’s lots more inside too – it’s a real bumper Christmas issue xxx


I’ve been debating for a few months about subscribing to your magazine and the December project pics on instagram finally got me to make it happen!!! Excited for Thursday!!!!!


Aw, thanks so much Holly! You should have received the November issue already and watch out for December’s on Thursday! xx


Is that just too stinkin cute or what–those Newfies I mean! The way Daisy is glaring at that cake! Oh my goodness! My pup would have definitely helped himself to that right away!! Daisy’s eyes. Priceless.

Love-love-love your latest projects (as usual!) too! Thank you….


Aw, thanks Valerie. I know, she was concentrating very hard on her thought-transference … cake cake come to me! Sadly for her it didn’t work and I scoffed the lot!


Oh WOW,can’t wait for my magazine,everything is just toooo wonderful.The photo is brill and love the cover of all the lush projects to make.LOVE those doggies,soooo darn cute,if that was Tallulah she would have scoffed that in 2 seconds hee hee.Happy creating.xx Cuddles for all the doggies,hope lil Tilly is well.xx


Hi Lee, thanks so much – yes Tilly is well, thank you – though Rosie tells me she’s currently in disgrace for yet ANOTHER hole in the garden!


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