The bad and the good …

Bustle & Sew has been around for quite a long time now, since 2009 when I sold my first patterns on Etsy.   I’ve been lucky that over the years I’ve met some really lovely people who share my interest passion for all things stitchy and have never experienced some of the problems that other small businesses have blogged about – until now – this is the bad bit of my post.

Some readers may remember that back in summer 2014 we decided to bring our website up-to-date and as part of this new look we said a fond farewell to our previous Bustle & Sew bunny as she left to enjoy a well-earned retirement.


Unlike our first bunny who was a little vintage drawing whose copyright had expired – so she was in the public domain and could be used by anyone – for our new logo we commissioned a very talented designer called Sabina to create an exclusive and unique new design that’s our copyright and can only be used by ourselves.  The new bunny, surrounded by her pretty wreath of flowers, has settled in very nicely over the past couple of years and now we love her just as much as our old version.  So imagine our dismay when we discovered somebody else had decided to “borrow” our design …


I have contacted the company concerned and have asked them to remove this image from their own and their stockists websites and I’m hoping that they will do so.  But in the meantime I wanted to let everyone know that this company is NOTHING whatsoever to do with Bustle & Sew.

Phew.. that’s the bad bit of this post over – and now for the good bit (much nicer!).  This is that the February issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine is published on Thursday. Here’s a look at the cover  …..


And there’s loads inside to enjoy.  I’ll be back very soon with a full preview (just putting the finishing touches to it), but couldn’t resist showing off the cover.  Hope you like it!


Julie Caisey

A bit of a cheek……..are they a new company? I’m sure I’ve seen the ‘lilies and lions’ somewhere recently……….

Julie xxxxxx


I’m not sure Julie, it’s a nursery range produced by a children’s homewares company which may be where you’ve seen it.


How damn annoying! I’m hoping they take it down asap! Must say it’s a compliment to yourselves that someone wants to copy your design! Not a compliment one wants though! Good luck with swift removal x sally x


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