The countdown has begun!

The December issue finished now, the final “i” has been dotted and “t” crossed, converting, uploading, transferring and goodness what else has all happened successfully and now all that remains is to count down until Thursday.

Until then, here’s a preview of this month’s contents …..

This month there’s a bumper 80 pages to enjoy, as well as our 2015 calendar to download.  If you’re not already a subscriber and would like to learn more, then please do head on over to our magazine page to read all about it!



Just wondering if you could add me to you mailing list please. I hope to visit you soon. I’m based in Crediton, but was raised in Brixton (nearby).

I am very impressed with your site.




Hi Em, I’m really sorry but I can’t do that for you – it’s because I have a “double opt-in” process to avoid any accusations of spamming. But it’s easy to subscribe to my newsletter – just complete the subscription form at the end of the page – you’ll then receive an email asking you to confirm it really was you who wanted to receive Bustle & Sew information. Again it’s a simple click on the link to confirm – and that’s it – you’re joined! Hope this helps. xx


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