The November Magazine – it’s nearly here!

Here in England the clocks went back this morning, signalling the end of British Summer Time and the onset of long dark evenings – but we don’t mind – they’re perfect for a little bit of guilt-free stitching, especially after the sort of morning I’ve had here!  Rather like those adverts for floor cleaning products … I hoovered, I swept, I mopped and I steam cleaned my floors (essential after a couple of rainy days).  Then with a sigh of satisfaction I sat down at my table, mug of coffee between my paws and surveyed my sparkling domain – for all of about 10 seconds before Daisy casually sauntered in and sashayed up to me leaving a trail of muddy paw prints and a sprinkling of leaves and twigs from the garden.  As my mum used to say – I sometimes wonder why I bother!

​One task that’s never too much bother though is putting together each issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine.  This month’s issue is out on Thursday, and here’s a peep between the covers for you …..

There’s a mix of seasonal and non-seasonal projects, interviews with two very talented “Makers” in our “Meet the Maker” feature, we look at “Stir Up Sunday” and the origins of the Christmas Pudding (one of my faves to research!) and much more besides.  We’re also offering our Bustle & Sew 2015 Christmas Collection as a seasonal introductory gift for new subscribers, so if you’re not already a subscriber and would like to learn more then please do pop over to the Magazine page.

The November issue will be sent out to subscribers on Thursday – so if that’s you, please watch out for it then!

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