The turning of the year …

For me every New Year’s Eve is a time of mixed emotions. Yes, there is looking forward to the year ahead, a lovely shiny brand-new year with all the opportunties it will bring … but this looking forward is always tinged with a hint of melancholy when I look back at the year just gone.  There has to be a letting go of the good, and the bad times, knowing that these are gone now forever … goodbye to some of my lunch club friends, Rosie’s graduation, the year I took a major leap into the unknown by launching the Bustle & Sew magazine… and so on.  I like to take a little time to be quiet and reflect ……
But this doesn’t last long, I am a naturally cheerful sort of person and I’m soon writing my “to-do” list for January!!  This year’s list is exceptionally long, and includes lots of new ideas and projects for Bustle & Sew ..   The magazine has now reached its 12th issue (!) and so a bundle of the second six issues is now available to purchase from my Etsy Shop at just $40 (a bargain if I say so myself).  In early December I surveyed subscribers, asking to tell me what they most and least enjoyed, and also any comments and suggestions for the future.  I’ve read all the returned surveys and, have taken many suggestions on board, so that the magazine will be even better in 2012. 
Right at the top of my “to-do” list for Bustle & Sew is to complete the set of 12 calendar blocks I’ve been working on for Rosie & Bear.  I know that quite a few people are working on the series to incorporate into a quilt, so it’s about time I finished them off.  So January will be quite a Rosie & Bearish sort of month!
 A big “thank you” to everyone who responded to my question about choosing and using colour.  Counting Facebook responses too, more than 100 said that yes, they would like a guide – so this project is also on my list for January.  It’s something I’m really looking forward to doing as I love working with different colours and exploring their, literally, limitless possibilities. 
I must also press on with my Four Seasons Bunnies Quilt which I am very sorry to report has made absolutely no progress at all over the Christmas holidays.  My time has been filled with family, friends, walks on the beach and old movies on TV.  We had our last picnic of the year a couple of days ago …
Here you can see Rosie & Dan laying out the blanket … and a little later on Ben taking full advantage of some unattended food!!  Shocking canine behaviour!
I also really want to collect together the Bustle & Sew softie patterns in a book – and add a few new ones too of course, continue developing my stumpwork skills, and have signed up for some additional crochet classes (can’t seem to get beyond granny squares at present!). 
Contemplating all this future activity though has made me feel quite exhausted, so I’m off to make a nice cup of coffee, and enjoy one of Rosie’s cupcakes.  But just a couple more things – firstly the magazine price will rise tomorrow, so today really is your last chance to subscribe at the current rate of $4.50 per month (forever).  To learn more please click here.
And secondly – I’d like to wish everyone a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.


I can recommend the magazine! Its GREAT!
Wish I live close to you, I would teach you how to crochet. I have been teaching people to crochet since I was about twelve, the first person I ever taught was my teacher!!
Happy New Year
Julie xxxxxx
PS love picture of Ben!


Happy New Year to you!
Thanks for all the work you do for us!
I'm looking forward to a new creative year!


Such wonderful prospects for 2012! Thanks for giving me much to look forward to within Bustle and Sew during the coming year. Being a devoted subscriber to your magazine has made the past year extra fun, and I look forward to many future issues. Last issue was extra special!
Best wishes and Happiest of all New Years in 2012!
Hugs to Ben…
X Linda B

Scented Sweetpeas

Have a wonderful 2012 and I hope it is full of fun, laughter, health and success for you x

Annie xx TheFeltFairy

Sending you New Year Wishes for Health, Happiness, Success and creativity for 2012 xx


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